Thursday, 10 September 2009

Squad 1 complete

Here they are, very quick to paint, nice and easy, and the colour scheme is pretty close to the films:

The fatigues are codex grey, the armour is adeptus battle grey, weapons etc are black, everything gets a good dry brush with fortress grey and the insignia get painted with it, washed with badab black, flesh then gets a quick coat before being washed with ogryn flesh.
Thats it, painted up, bases will be earth colours drybrushed up to bone to give it that sandy/dusty look of the bug planets.

The painting probably only took me a couple of hours for the entire squad (the trouble was finding that time) so I think I can bash out a decent sized force of meat for the grinder in little time when I get the opportunity. These guys may be shelved temporarily for a bit as I'm going to concentrate on the wolves for a month or two with all the lovely new releases :D

C&C welcomed. Cheers, bG