Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Guard landing craft

So, it seems I may have struck a nerve with a few on my army idea, I've had a lot of positive comments, advice and support since beginning this blog only a week or so ago.  Possibley the best has been from Darkmolerman who seems to have taken the idea I've had for a Valkyrie conversion in the theme of Starship Troopers and gone ahead and shown just how it should look and could be done.  Below are the pics he sent to me, they're great:
What can I say, pretty much in one.  I'm going to keep it closer to the valkyrie, it'll be a bit more like the small lander that extracts the troops from the Whisky base on P. 
Huge kudos to Darkmolerman for the work and encapsulating ideas in my head far better than I ever could.

Additionally, after receiving this, I had a quick look online myself and found a couple of nice little sights I want to remember and will probably be visiting many times in the future, Starship Modeler, and this image of the smaller lander.