Monday, 24 August 2009

Provisional army outline

I've been thinking a little about how I'd put together my guard army to represent elements of the Starship Troopers mobile infantry. Things like including lots of auto-cannons, grenade launchers etc. I've also looked through the special characters in the guard codex to see which ones seem to fit somewhat either fluff-wise or effect on the game.
From this, I've sketched out the below list:

HQ: - 235pts
- Straken (Raszcek), Medipak, vox, standard, flamer, krak grenades
- Astropath (Carl Jenkins)

Elite: - 65pts
- Marbo (Dax - ST2)

Fast: - 290pts
- Valkyrie (Lander for the vet squad) - lascannon and multi-rockets
- 2 x Armoured Sentinel (marauder battle suits - ST3) - lascannon, missile-launcher, smoke

Troops: - 451pts
- Vet Squad (Roughnecks) - Bastonne (Rico), vox, 3 x grenade launcher, demolitions doctrine (represents Rico riding the flame bug)
- Platoon Command squad: bolt pistol, melta bomb, powerfist, medipak, vox, lascannon
- 2 x Infantry squad, bolt pistol, vox, grenade launcher, autocannon, krak grenades

Army total - 1041pts

Its just a start but I'm going to work towards it and see where I go from there. Should only need a cadian battleforce, extra command group and a valkyrie and I'll be close to having everything in this list.

Other possible character drop ins to consider are:

Officer of the Fleet: Carmen (Electra)
Chenkov: Sergeant Zim (from the training camp)
Harker: ?
Master of Ordinance: ?
Pask: ?
Commissars: ?